Ingrid diesel plant of AC Energy commenced operations


AYALA-LED AC Energy Corp. announced the completion of its 150-megawatt (MW) diesel power plant in Pililla, Rizal, on Wednesday, marking the company’s third power facility to begin commercial operations this year.

The firm said in a statement that the Ingrid power plant would increase energy capacity and supply reserve power to the Luzon grid.

AC Energy has collaborated with Japan-based Marubeni Corp.’s subsidiary Axia Power Holdings Philippines Corp. to build the P1.9 billion diesel-powered power plant.

The listed power company said it worked with UK-based power generating rental company Aggreko plc, which built 162 diesel generators at the Ingrid facility. Aggreko will also provide the new facility with operations and maintenance services.

“Thermal firming capability is essential to our energy transition plan to a lower-carbon portfolio.” These firming assets will stay in our portfolio as we build and scale up our energy storage facilities to complement our renewables and offer flexibility and stability to the grid,” AC Energy’s Chief Development Officer Jose Maria P. Zabaleta stated.

Prior to the Ingrid power plant, the firm turned on its 120-MW GigaSol Alaminos in Laguna and its 63-MW GigaSol Palauig in Zambales this year.

The Ayala group’s energy platform, which aims to be Southeast Asia’s biggest renewables platform, is on pace to meet its 5,000 MW renewable energy goal by 2025.

AC Energy’s renewables capacity is now approximately 2,100 MW.

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